XB Destination Weddings & Event Planning

Planning Service

the art of connecting cultures

The planning process should be creative, unique, and, most of all, fun!

Finding a great planner is all about finding someone you can connect with. There are a lot of people who do gorgeous work, in our team we look for passion, we look for honest talent—we create professionals in the art of planning you can really trust.

In collaboration of destination wedding experts,XB Destination Weddings & Events is a boutique event planning agency, our team is strategically based in:

  • Mexico City
  • Riviera Maya
  • Los Cabos
  • Italy

Our Approach

We are engaged to helping make each bride’s dream come true; together we create occasions that makes history.

Our team specializes in hand crafting multiday celebrations at some of the most exclusive and unique resorts in all sort of spectacular settings around Mexico and overseas.

Culture is family, family is important and to us honoring family is most important. We understand the challenges of trying to explain a hundred time the importance of a specific tradition or required timing of things.

In XB Destination Weddings & Events we specialize in events with particularly challenging logistics. Our planning team will study all details and logistics to make sure your family and guest experienced to remember. We’re not gonna try to pretend we have althe answers to all the unique and difficult scenarios. but we we firmly believe that evervthing is figure-out-able .With our trust and our experience, you will be tree to enjoy it all, knowing we’re doing all to cover your bases.

Travel Advisory

Hotel contracting, venue hunting, realistic budget building.

How to know what to expect? Everything on the internet looks fantastic, but how to know what would it financially translates into in costs? What would it take to recreate some of the beautiful Pinterest images you find online?

How do I find the hotel that is right for OUR budget but at the same time it is right for our guest budget? Are any of these venue’s prices or terms & conditions negotiable? How to get more for our buck? How do we know if we are getting a fair deal? How do we know how much will we REALLY invest in the wedding at this hotel? Their packages look great, but how do I know what is it that I’m missing to see???

Planning Services &
Event Coordination

The art of budget management. Your Wedding Planner will review your wedding vision, likes and budget and based on it translate them into a effortless and beautiful event. Our team will offer assistance to client with prioritization and management of wedding budget.

Design and Production

Wedding planner will work with client and together bring to life couples wedding vision, Styling of wedding functions, include but it is not limited to décor, event styling is also very important to be present for entertainment, banqueting, beverage, photography and videography, branding ensuring design cohesiveness of the overall production. The design / styling of every event will include inspirations boards and Sketches and scale lay outs.

Your Wedding planner will connect directly with all teams involved in creating the perfect weekend, guide each team through tasks, space needs, Couples vision and design, review costs, update and manage your budget.

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